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          High-chlorinated polyethyle
          Manganese sulfate
          Manganese carbonate
          Calcium Formate
          Potassium ferrate

Calcium Formate

Product name: Calcium Formate
CAS RN: 544-17-2
EINECS number: 208-863-7 
Molecular formula: C2H2CaO4
Molecular weight: 130.11548

Physical and chemical properties

white crystal or powder, slightly hygroscopic, taste slightly bitter. Neutral, non-toxic, soluble in water. 
Specific gravity: 2.023 (20 ℃ deg.c) 
Bulk density: 900 -1000 g / kg 
Decomposition temperature: > 400 ℃

Uses: used as feed additives, suitable for all kinds of animals, with acidification, mold, antibacterial and other effects

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