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Potassium ferrate

Potassium ferrate is an excellent oxidant. With a highly effective disinfection, as a new non-chlorine efficient disinfectant. Mainly used for drinking water treatment.Chemical production for sulfonic acid, nitrite, ferrocyanide and other inorganic oxidants, in the zinc smelting for the removal of manganese, antimony and arsenic, tobacco industry for cigarette filters and so on. 
Potassium ferrate is pure dark purple luster powder. 198 ℃ below the dry air stability. Easily soluble in water and light purple solution, after standing will break down the release of oxygen, and precipitation of hydrated ferric oxide (ie, iron oxide). The basicity of the solution increases with decomposition, is quite stable in the strongly alkaline solution, and is an excellent oxidizing agent. With a highly effective disinfection. Has a stronger oxidizing property than potassium permanganate. 
1, Potassium ferrate has become a new type of green water treatment material
Potassium ferrate is a compound containing FeO42-, and the central atom Fe exists in hexavalent. The standard electrode potentials under acidic and alkaline conditions are E0FeO42- / Fe3 + = 2.20V, E0FeO42- / Fe (OH) 3 = 0.72V, therefore, both in acidic conditions, or alkaline conditions are high iron oxide oxidation, can be widely used in water and wastewater oxidation, disinfection, sterilization. Therefore, ferrate is a new type of new, efficient, non-toxic multi-purpose water treatment agent. In the process of drinking water, the combination of oxidation, adsorption, flocculation, sedimentation, sterilization, disinfection, decolorization, deodorization and other eight characteristics as one of the overall performance, other water treatment agent incomparable. PH in the 6-6.5, each liter of water plus K2FeO46mg-10mg, at room temperature for 30 minutes to kill bacteria in the body, E. coli, Salmonella typhi and virus removal rate of 99.5% -99.95% or more, no taste good palatability , Safe drinking standards. This product in the water treatment products show superior advantages. 

2, Potassium ferrate for industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment 
KDFeO4 has a good effect on the removal of BOD, COD, lead, cadmium and sulfur in wastewater. Potassium ferrate of 10mg-20mg / L oxidizes 96% BOD, removes 86% ammonia and 75% phosphorus, , 30ml / L Potassium ferrate, can remove 85.6% of trichlorethylene in water, 100% removal rate of naphthalene, and good flocculation of Potassium ferrate under the condition that the turbidity of raw water is 28 degrees Water and pollutants in the process, after a series of reactions, from six to three, with different charge of the intermediate state such as: Fe (Ⅴ) / Fe (Ⅵ), etc., and gradually reduced to have a flocculation Of Fe (III). In the printing and dyeing, leather, printing, paper, pharmaceutical, petroleum industry, petrochemical industry and so have a good application potential. The unique effect of the product in water purification is to play a synergistic effect of oxidation, adsorption, flocculation, sedimentation, sterilization, disinfection, decolorization and deodorization, and does not produce any toxic and harmful substances. With the multi-functional compound agent to strengthen and broaden the current conventional water treatment process water purification efficiency, can not change the existing process, do not increase the large ancillary facilities for China's national conditions of drinking water disinfection technology, has a broad research and development prospects, And may become a major direction of disinfection technology research. 

3, Potassium ferrate for fish pond aquaculture water treatment 
K2FeO4 can increase the dissolved oxygen content of water in the water of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, algae has a good removal effect, used to remove water in the rich acid, suspended solids, fresh water in the eutrophication phenomenon. Water sterilization, disinfection, purification effect is unique. 

4. Potassium ferrate for marine pollution control
The data reported that K2FeO4 in marine environmental purification applications, to K2FeO4 and peroxide mixed use, as non-toxic harmless marine antifouling agent, when their quality in the 2 × 10-8 and 3 × 10- 7, almost 100% of the anti-fouling effect, its good synergies much better than the effect of the use alone, can be used for offshore farms and offshore environment purification. 

5, Potassium ferrate for use of recycled water of  swimming pool
Because of the superior performance of K2FeO4 for water purification, it can be applied to the recycling of swimming pool water, it is not only disinfection and sterilization, remove the body into the dirt and suspended solids, and the human body without any damage and stimulation, It is convenient to use it, so it is very suitable to replace it with chlorine gas for disinfection and purification of swimming pool water. 

6. Potassium ferrate for the treatment of radioactive waste water and for the removal of arsenic, cyanide ions 
K2FeO4 has excellent properties in the treatment of radioactive waste, and the total alpha ray can be reduced from 3.0 × 106 Pci / L to 3.0 × 103 Pci / L at the pH value of 11.5-12 when treated with Potassium ferrate. 1Pci = 1012ci). In the US Department of Energy's treatment of radioactive waste, K2FeO4 was used to reduce the total alpha ray from 37000Pci / L to 40 Pci / L in a two-step process. Practical application shows that Potassium ferrate performance is superior to the current popular radioactive wastewater treatment methods, the treatment of water concentration is much lower than the emission standards. 
Potassium ferrate and other arsenic removal of raw materials compared with the simple, effective, resulting in less sludge, no secondary pollution, etc., for high arsenic drinking water, as long as Potassium ferrate dosage and raw water arsenic concentration of 15: The residual arsenic in the treated water samples can meet the requirements of the national drinking water health standard <0.01mg / L. 
K2FeO4 has a good removal effect on cyanide CN-. When the CN-mass concentration in the aqueous solution was 10 mg / L, CN-treated with K2FeO475 mg / L and 167 mg / L was used to remove most of the CN- at a pH of 11.2 and a residual concentration of 0.082 mg / L - 0.062mg / L removal rate can reach 99.18% -99.38% or more. Show the use of this product in the treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater has a good application effect. 

7, extensive application 
K2FeO4 in the water treatment due to the unique function, its application research continues in depth. Potential applications include the use of its strong oxidative properties in the chemical industry, the ability to oxidize sulfonic acid, nitrite, ferrocyanide and other inorganic materials, and oxidizing starch for the finishing of paper surface sizing and textiles. Smelting zinc for the removal of manganese, antimony and arsenic. In the tobacco industry for the manufacture of filters (oxidized nicotine into fragrant flavor). 
K2FeO4 in the electronics and defense industry in the potential application of continuous expansion, such as: Potassium ferrate "nano-battery" is the energy density, small size, light weight, long life, high voltage, high capacity of new non-polluting chemical power. Power and discharge current is 3 to 10 times the ordinary battery. According to the information recorded in the report can be used to make efficient disinfectant, so that the military disinfection of drinking water under combat conditions, to deal with some radioactive nuclear pollution of water, so that the radiation particles can be Potassium ferrate efficient flocculation and removal , Water quality to achieve drinking level. Experiments show that it has in addition to organic matter, strengthen the removal of algae in water, strengthen the control of residual aluminum and the removal of heavy metals in water and other functions.

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